Ramsankar Muraleedharan


I'm interested in how design can affect lifestyles.



I design brand identities, advertising and digital services. I've also done books, hand-drawn and computer animation, generative art, packaging, editing for shorts and promos, posters, and photography. The common thread here is the idea of design as an organising principle for creative action, and balancing that with aesthetic expression.

My work as such is best seen as explorations in different disciplines undertaken by a designer. There is also some that fall more into the category of personal expression, and I call them visual art. Besides work, there is something that captures my interest to an almost comparable degree — cinema. I'm deeply into the craft and appreciation of film as an art form, and take much delight in studying everything from title design to set dressing.

To know more about the projects that I've been involved in, please see my LinkedIn profile.